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Block-container solutions

Block-container solutions

Block-container solutions

The main distinctive feature of this type of construction is the use of high-availability block containers assembled in the factory. Block containers can be used as separate objects (mobile offices, retail pavilions, or household facilities), and as modular units as part of a prefabricated structure, creating objects for a comfortable stay and human habitation that do not differ in appearance from ordinary buildings. This solution is adaptive to any client because in addition to the above advantages, there are also good savings during transportation. This is due to the fact that the "Transpack" design (universal collapsible module) is used, in which instead of a single all-assembled module, four disassembled and packed transpacks can be transported.


  • Adopted to any climate conditions;
  • High quality construction;
  • Record construction terms;
  • Savings on tax and utility bills;
  • Favorable construction cost;
  • Construction on an individual project is available;
  • Variety of equipment;
  • Mobility and flexibility in the design and production of block containers;
  • Can be used in almost any industry.

Spheres of application

I. Buildings and constructions for commercial purposes

II. Residential objects 

III. Agricultural and warehouse buildings

IV. Social purpose buildings

V. Sports purpose buildings

VI. Block-containers of flammable liquids

VII. Interior and layout options


When ordering "Sales Office" from 400 sq/m
Working documentation - free!

When ordering "Rotational camp" from 1500 sq/m
Connection to communications is free!

When ordering from 100 block-containers
5% discount (including building)

You can check all the details of the promotions with the managers

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